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In contrast to Hue city, Da nang is famous for a modern and active place. Here is the most rapidly developed city in Vietnam. Therefore, it is also one of the charming destinations for tourists to travel and enjoy a new experience. Da nang city is a combination of modern and natural beauty. For this reason, you are sure to have a lot of things to do in this city.

da nang viet nam


Located in the South Central of Vietnam, Da nang is a coastal city that is well known for long and large coasts. It is also like a connection between tourism places such as Hoi An old town and Hue city. Being a modern mix with natural place, this city will not make you disappoint when visiting here.


  • Beaches

The whole of Da nang province runs along the sea, there are many beaches in city. Beaches create a fantastic landscape for this place. Seeing from the high level, danang city is similar to a small resort but equipped by the modern comfort. We can list some famous and nice beaches such as My Khe beachMarble beachNorthen My An beach. Because of lying in the city, visitors coming to Danang city is always available to see the sunrise and sunset easily.

da nang viet nam

  • Best places to visit in Da nang:

Visiting Da nang, you should not miss Linh Ung Son Tra pagoda which has the highest Buddha statue in Vietnam. Lying on the top of mountain in Bai But area, this pagoda is like a Buddha of the underworld. Many of tourists often check in here like a typical stop in this livable city.

Besides, Marble mountain is another stunning place for you to enquire the challenges of climbing. it is a complex of 5 mountains with different heights. Their names follow the call of  5 elements: Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho. Going the top of each mountain is an unforgettable experience at any time. The mountain is by the way from Da Nang to Hoi An by private car trip.

One more thing to do in Da nang is making a journey to Son Tra peninsula. Here, tourists have a gold opportunity to harmonize with the imposing nature. You can refresh yourself at the Golden Sand, go climbing the Monkey mountain and visit 100- year- old banyan tree.

Another fantastic place for you to relax is Ba Na hill. The imposing scenes with massive castles make you feel to be lost in Europe. Furthermore, you also can join in the zipline to admire a the city from the high position. The best way to get there is take a Da Nang to ba na hill by private car

How about going through the long and modern bridges in city?  You can see the Dragon bridge breathes fire and water on weekend days. Or Han river bridge turns an angle of 90 in the middle night for the big boat going through. Moreover, Love bridge is a wonderful symbol for the couples. They can lock the lock on bridge to prove their forever love. Recently, Asia park and Sun wheel have become the attractive place for tourists. Adventurous games and new experience are always the first choices of the young.


To visit the whole of Danang city, visitors can go by motorbike if you are the backpackers or the teenagers. Another choice when you start from Hue city and take part in Hue to Hoi An by private car trip is Hue private cars. This is always the first option for any tourists who want to travel by our convenient and comfortable cars. Under any kind of weather, we always take you to wherever you want.


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